Byline7 provides clients with community relations, outreach, marketing, meeting facilitation, public relations, sustainability and related services. Serving public and government agencies, companies of all sizes, institutions, special districts, professional and non-profit organizations and individuals.

Community Relations and Outreach: Byline7 offers creative, engaging and consensus-building community engagement and outreach for projects and programs of all types. The firm’s ownership has a background that includes over 15 years of experience in leading and participating in scoping meetings, public hearings, community relations and outreach programs, public engagement and education for environmental impact reports and projects ranging from transportation and water resources to land development and educational institutions. Beyond projects, the firm has experience with non-profit organizations, professional organizations wishing to engage their leadership and membership and private companies wishing to build rapport with clients and customers. A multitude of techniques are tailored to suit client needs for strategic outcomes through marketing, social media, public outreach, public relations and similar approaches. Experience in this area includes community relations and outreach work for over 50 cities, counties, districts, departments and organizations across the U.S

Meeting Facilitation:  Meeting facilitation using collaborative approaches and engagement of the audience has been one of the highlights in the success of the team associated with Byline7. The firm’s leader has over 25 years of meeting facilitation experience with public and government agencies, professional an non-profit organizations, public and private firms. Graphic facilitation is used in conjunction with various methods of organizing collection of ideas with the agenda to help focus discussions, measure progress and develop plans and programs based upon the meeting content to drive success and a roadmap for the future of each organization. Experience with meeting facilitation has included work with the U.S. Green Building Council, AASHTO’s Center for Environmental Excellence, Caltrans and over 30 sessions with private firms in areas ranging from federal and design build strategic market collaboration to surface water quality and transportation.

Marketing: With over 20 years of experience in marketing, Byline7’s professional team offers programs and services that span all levels of marketing. Marketing qualifications include creation of advertising; development of marketing campaigns; exhibit and trade show planning, development and implementation; awards submittals; promotional materials; social media marketing; brochure development; marketing plans for clients ranging from small businesses to large agencies and the host of marketing techniques related to promotion of people, organizations, projects, products and services.

Events: Byline7 provides all aspects of event planning ranging from conference, meeting and client events and open houses to internal teambuilding and family events, weddings, holiday parties, community events, athletic events and community and professional organization events. Event planning services include event marketing, including invitations, posters, and email communications; development of sporting tournament rules and guidelines; site selection; management of logistics; volunteer or staff organization; food and beverage coordination; prizes, raffles; awards; judging; atmosphere and décor; facility and vendor negotiations and the many other aspects of event planning implementation. Grand openings, community events, ribbon cuttings and all events are treated from a full-service approach by Byline7, and incorporation of public relations, social media and additional strategic techniques help to build and engage audiences for events in accordance with the goals of the client.

Conference and Meeting Planning: Extensive experience in conference and meeting planning for government agencies, professional and non-profit organizations, educational and health institutions, companies, entities and clients nation-wide spans over 25 years for Byline7’s owner. Services include all aspects of meeting and conference planning, facilities and content. Byline7 can assist clients with every aspect of meeting and conference planning, from facilitating initial brainstorm meetings to securing venues and writing scripts and developing presentations for speakers. Byline7 brings meeting and conference planning teams together, tailored to client and customer needs. Exceptional planning, attention to detail, troubleshooting on-site and the overall commitment to making the experience for leaders and attendees extraordinary make meetings and conferences by Byline7 outstanding.

Strategic Plans, Marketing Plans and Business Plans:  Strategic planning, marketing plans, business plans and a full host of planning documents are provided by Byline7 through collaboration with the client, development of strategies, goals and objectives, and preparation of draft plans for client review. Byline7 takes a streamlined approach to planning processes, allowing clients to maximize the value of their time spent, while also eliminating the need for lengthy meetings and document preparation.

Writing, Editing and Publishing: Writing for all programs, clients and projects is provided by Byline7, including freelance and ghost writing, authorship and publishing of books, articles, white papers, speeches, content for newsletters, blogs, websites, press, social media and internal written communications. Technical writing is also provided. The people at Byline7 have been involved in the completion of over 300 environmental and technical documents, have published over 100 articles, ghost written for water, transportation and stormwater experts as well as small business owners and CEOs of major corporations.

Employee, Customer & Project Recognition and Award Programs: Development of internal culture-building programs for employee recognition and awards is a key service provided by Byline7. The firm collaborates with leadership and their audiences (customers/employees) to determine needs, works with leadership to develop programs and can provide implementation and maintenance of programs including teambuilding and information sharing environments. Specializing in saving organizations money while also providing enhanced customer and employee satisfaction is the core of the services provided through these programs.



Public Relations: Through the career and experience of Byline7’s ownership, over 500 press releases have been prepared and released for topics ranging from release of new applications and corporate responsibility efforts to green buildings and launching of a 1.3 billion dollar company. Byline7 provides campaigns, media relations, article pitching, awards and all aspects of public relations. The firm takes a thoughtful approach to public relations efforts, carefully considering the audience and perception of the content being shared. The difference between Byline7 and many other firms providing PR services is the understanding of the engineering, planning, environmental, sustainability, construction, architecture and related fields, as well as the understanding of government agencies and businesses of all types, combined with over 25 years of experience in integrating PR with companies, people and clients. Byline7 focuses on the reputation-building aspects of PR that bring a high level of return on investment.

Professional Development: Byline7’s owner has approximately 8 years of experience in developing, managing and implementing programs ranging from leadership development and basic academy training to large-scale corporate universities offering over 100 courses for employees. Coordination and logistics for training and education is offered from all aspects, including content and curriculum development to presentation and on-site management. The client’s goals and philosophy behind each professional development program, from the perspective of employees and leadership is carefully considered with each program. Maximizing the value of the time and investment being made is a critical aspect of Byline7’s philosophy on professional development as is making the experience of each professional development program positive and enjoyable for all involved.

Communications: Communications is at the heart of all services offered by Byline7. Each project is evaluated first from a communications standpoint and the most effective means of communications are recommended depending upon client and project needs. The firm provides all aspects and types of communications. Preparation of blogs, newsletters, press, articles, letters from the client, scripts, media interviews, videos, social media posts, and all types of communications for internal and external use help clients strategically accomplish their goals, keep their audiences informed and bring enhanced relationships to the organization or project overall

Social Media: Byline7 offers clients a full range of social media services, from opening and development of accounts and content, to regular posting and engagement programs. The team has opened and administered multiple social media accounts for small and large businesses, organizations, non-profit and professional organizations. Social media programs are tied strategically to all other forms of communication and continually engage targeted audiences, clients, customers, teams and colleague organizations and firms. Byline7 offers a full spectrum of social media packages to clients.

Culture Building, Project Recognition and Awards Programs: Development of internal culture-building programs for employee, project, client and public recognition as well as awards, implementation and maintenance of programs is a service offered by Byline7.  These programs can include team building and information sharing environments focused upon employees, constituents, clients and communities.

Sustainability: As a LEED AP, BD+C, SITES AP, Market Leader Advisory Board member of the US Green Building Council, and AICP, the owner of Byline7 is involved in many aspects of sustainability. Consulting to government organizations, non-profit and professional organizations, companies, individuals and businesses of all types is a service provided by the firm. Additionally, corporate responsibility programs and ideas are provided to organizations wishing to give back to their communities, professions, educational institutions and the world. These programs are custom-designed for each client and may take the form of comprehensive Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Plans or may be as simple as an hour of consulting for ideas in these areas.

Environmental Planning: Community relations and consulting in many areas of the environment are provided by Byline7, with a focus on the audience and objectives of the client. The ownership is a certified planner AICP, (American Institute of Certified Planners) and is a member of the American Planning Association. Consulting for planning and environmental projects, particularly in the area of outreach and community relations is provided.